FundsDLT has been developed using state-of-the-art technologies

We have defined a new class of Enterprise IT Architecture for distributed applications, based on a combination of
Ethereum blockchain, a reactive platform and microservices.

Blockchain infrastructure

FundsDLT is shifting the technological paradigm in the Asset Management industry using a
decentralized network and API to interface with legacy systems.

The network nodes run locally, on the cloud or at FundsDLT. New nodes can be added without
disrupting the rest of the network. From an Asset Manager point of view, nodes can be shared with
internal distribution networks and service providers allowing them to efficiently share data.

The network is plugged into a product data base called Data Hub and a KYC repository allowing further
reductions in operational costs.

FundsDLT in facts

Assets and currencies are designed using Token and by following ERC 20 and ERC 22 standards

Our distributed ledger

FundsDLT uses a private blockchain network where notes are distributed to Asset Managers and their service providers leveraging on the benefits of the distributed ledger technologies. Monitor, administer and load balance your nodes by user interface.

Your data are secure

Data are segregated per Asset Managers and encrypted using state-of-the-art standards. We have developed a strong authentication mechanism that can be used with mobile apps or web end.

Connect to FundsDLT

API technology allows you to reduce transaction cost and to share more information with your distributor network and service providers. As an alternative, SWIFT can also be used in and out. Our APIs have been developed using market standards like REST.

Reliable and scalable

Our engineers have come up with a set up to maximize network performance while guaranteeing its scalability in terms of users.


Presented By

Fundsquare as Fund Market Infrastructure.
Intech as leading IT company.
KPMG as a leading advisor.

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