Distribution of Investment
Funds made easy

FundsDLT is an international platform connecting Transfer Agent activities, payment systems and investors.

Using distributed ledger technology (DLT) and smart contracts we intend to dramatically improve efficiency in the fund transaction processing.

FundsDLT has received the prize of the most innovative fintech
of the year 2017 at the AM Tech Day!

Answering Industry Challenges

Asset Managers are looking to reduce costs in an environment of downward pressure on fund fees.

New regulations, such as MIFID II, are changing the economics of fund distribution and might leave some Asset Managers with no distribution network.

The industry has entered the digital era. Players need to adapt from distribution through to operation and investment.


FundsDLT is shifting the technological paradigm in the Asset Management industry using
a decentralized network and API to interface with legacy systems.

FundsDLT intends to streamline a range of fund administration and order-routing tasks by
using blockchain to automate several processes in a secure manner.

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Unique Feature

Account Management

Account management covering ownership granularity with intermediaries
and corporate actions management.

Order Routing

Order Routing to more than 60 000 ISIN.

Order Management

Manage easily your fund orders
with new marking orders functionality and fees computation.


Cash settlement of transactions with automatic instructions of payment with API.

Fund Valuation

Valuation module with integration of fund NAV.

Client on-boarding

Module for digital on-boarding and AML/KYC checks for retail investors
and access to repository
for institutional investors.

User Interface

Monitoring screen with real time
views on order flow, register,
clients and cash account for all
actors: Asset Managers, Transfer
Agents, Investors and Distributors.


Modern connectivity with API and
SWIFT to front & back office systems.
Give access to your fund data
for your Apps or your web sites.


FundsDLT offers Asset Managers a real-time view on fund cash flows and direct look through of all investors.


The Distributed Ledger Technology reduces the need for reconciliations and increases transaction speed.


Thanks to its API, FundsDLT allows better interoperability between actors of the fund industry.

Use Cases

Asset Managers selling their funds directly to investors via FundsDLT platform

Concrete Example:
Sell funds via Mobile App to Retail investors

Increase of Assets under Management
Register transparency
Improve user experience with digital interfaces
Real time view and D&A on fund inflows / outflows

Asset Managers selling their funds through an intermediary (Bank, Insurer) to investors via FundsDLT platforms. Orders are aggregated under the name of the distributor.

Concrete Example:
Asset Manager gives distributors better access to more cost efficient funds

Decrease costs due to disintermediation of Fund Platform and Clearing and Settlement House
Asset Manager providing cheaper products to its distributor

Asset Managers selling their funds through an intermediary (Bank, Insurer) to investors via FundsDLT. Orders are not aggregated, allowing transparency on final investors and allowing to reduce back office costs on Intermediary’s side.

Concrete Example:
Asset Manager exchange data on his investors with one client Insurer, which gives the ability to create taylor made products for end-investors

Increase of sales due to better products developed with Asset Managers
Cheaper products for end-clients
Register transparency

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Fundsquare as Fund Market Infrastructure.
Intech as leading IT company.
KPMG as a leading advisor.

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